Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chicken Killa

I had a dream that I was being forced to move to Spokane. Not only that, but I was going to have to live in some sort of communal arrangement with my coworkers as an old barn is converted into office space. I look down the road and see Brian and Ken climbing a spiral staircase inside a tower. I find that if I point the camera on my phone at them, I can hear what they're saying, and it's displayed on the screen of my phone like subtitles. And then a little girl shows me how to snap a chicken's neck.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Don't Forget the $20 Sandwich


Tristan and I are in Vegas but something's not right because our hotel room is on the first floor and I can see the pool out window. I'm upset by this because I wanted a room on a higher floor, overlooking the Strip. I ask Tristan why he didn't try the $20 sandwich trick when we checked in and he says he forgot. I go to the lobby desk to try and fix the situation. 

Going on vacation in just over 2 weeks. Guess my subconscious is counting down the days just as much as I am. Planning on trying the $20 sandwich trick when I get there to see if I can get a better room.

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Wedding and a Murder

At Shontina's wedding on an army base. She's wearing this floofy white dress covered with huge metal decorations. She says it's some sort of Greek tradition. Before the actual ceremony she changes into a different wedding dress. At the reception, her dad shoots Finn from Glee with Rachel's gun.

Poor Finn.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Claire Danes Knows About Hedgehogs

I'm looking through my list of Facebook friends and come across someone I don't recognize. He has some dumb name like "Farmerman Dan" that doesn't really help me identify him. I go to find him in person. I track him down to this house in the middle of nowhere with no electricity and no running water. He's part of a metal band and I realize he's the friend of some guy my friend Amanda dated like 10 years ago. I leave the house and find a hedgehog in the yard. I'm worried that the little guy might be dehydrated since there's no running water in the house. I drive to a strip mall and knock on the door of a pet store. It's closed for the night, but Claire Danes opens the door anyway and takes a look at the hedgehog for me.

Claire Danes is on the right

Monday, March 18, 2013

Elephants and Jodie Foster

At work but the office is very dark. Am trying to play "Too Close" by Alex Clare for my coworkers. I have my iPod up as loud as it will go and am halfway through the song before I realize it's the wrong one.

At a zoo(?). An elephant has spotted Annie through a window and keeps trying to get closer to her. Eventually the elephant gets loose/breaks out and picks Annie up in its trunk. It's not hurting her -- more like it just really wanted to give her a hug. 

 Kinda like this. Photo by Robin Schwartz.

Watching people get ready for some sort of fun run. They're lined up in groups/waves and I watch them take off. Suddenly it's my turn, and the run has turned into an obstacle course/scavenger hunt thing. I have to find a softball hidden in a bookshelf, then climb up the bookshelf and along the top. Next thing I know I'm out on the street and I have to watch a clip of a Jodie Foster movie and write down two plot points before I can move onto the next task. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Nobody likes a mullet

Getting ready to watch a (drag?) show. The room has very few tables and just a bunch of exercise equipment like universal gyms and stuff. I try to find a table because Mel is meeting me for the show.

Mel shows up and it's obvious that she's tried to emulate Katie's haircut (very short), but it's looking very mullet-like and she's quite unhappy. I call Angela and ask her if she can help Mel if the place she got it cut can't fix it.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Jai REALLY likes Ben Savage

Jai is wearing a giant white fluffy bathrobe with his friends' names embroidered in gold down the lapels and a portrait of Ben Savage on the back. But when he takes off the robe, he has the same thing tattooed on his body.

Photo source:

Riding in a shitty old van with someone. We're headed to a junk yard for some reason. Up ahead I can see a burly tattooed guy with only one leg. He's using a shovel as a crutch and has fallen over. He's struggling to get back up as another one legged man approaches him. I tap the arm of the guy driving the van and point out the guy on the ground so he doesn't hit him.

The junk yard turns into a boat dealership and Sarah A. from high school is working behind the counter. She's trying to get me to go to a bar (hotel?) for something and I get the impression it's a prank. I decline, saying I don't handle embarrassment well.